October 20, 2020

Why Success Coach Tina Marx’s Podcast “Transparent With Tina” Is an Eye-Opener for Many Listeners

Success coach Tina Marx wants the information and inspiration she’s gathered from others who have found their purpose to be easily accessible to everyone.

When someone begins a transformational journey it can be overwhelming. There are a multitude of resources out there to digest along with the potential costly seminar or retreat to attend. Success coach Tina Marx wants the information and inspiration she’s gathered from others who have found their purpose to be easily accessible to everyone. Her podcast and YouTube show “Transparent With Tina” does just that. She provides motivational, honest interviews with entrepreneurs who have found their purpose. 

On her show, Tina’s guests are willing to be completely transparent with their stories, opening up about how they found their purpose, the challenges they had to face to get where they are, what they find rewarding, and more. Oftentimes, guests will share their product or service as well, providing information that brings value to viewers and listeners. 

Through these open and honest interviews, listeners feel a sense of connectedness. They hear someone else’s story they are able to identify with, giving them a little bit of hope. When you don’t know where to start, but hear step-by-step how someone else did it, the emotions they felt through their journey, and that they made it out on the other side, it helps people feel less alone. They now have a roadmap and hope to keep going on their own personal journey. 

Through her show, Tina wants viewers and listeners to see how they are unique, special, and talented in their own way.

“There are billions of people in the world and there’s only one of you that can bring forth what you bring forth,” Tina expressed. 

Her show gives people an opportunity—it gives them a starting point, listening to the guests’ stories and hearing how they overcame obstacles. Listeners are left with a sense of preparedness for anything that may come their way. When you are prepared, you have the ability to handle a situation with more patience and confidence as opposed to if you’re blindsided.

When a listener tunes into an episode, hearing a story from someone who is in the field or industry they want to pursue a career in or who may have been on a transformational journey, they now get a first-hand look at what it takes. They understand the barriers that may come with this aspect of life and know how to avoid some of the tougher challenges. 

The stories of Tina’s guests have the potential to help listeners reprogram their minds to a place of fulfillment. Helping them see a way to be resilient, strong, and motivated— and who knows, it may even give someone the jump start they need to find their own purpose in life. Could you be next? Tune in to Tina’s show to find out!

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